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Oil stains…are they broken down? Breaking down stubborn stains! Having a totally different approach and gentle to the earth OILnax decontaminating liquid

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How powerful?

"Water dispersion power" is different!

Dirt is removed by finely breaking down the oil particles on the spot! Professionals acknowledge the "Effectiveness of water dispersion with soak-and-wash"!

Review the feedback from Specialty Pork Restaurant and therapist in an Aromatherapy business. They used to have problems with oil and grease.
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* Click here for details on "Butagumi Shabuan (Roppongi)", "Tonkatsu Nishiazabu Butagumi" and "Butagumi Dining Hall".

Difference in water dispersion power

Oil particles are broken down finely. As water containing OILnax enters between the particles, the distance between the particles increases and dispersion occurs. In other words, it becomes easier for biodegradation to take place.

Materials used for testing

* Sesame chili oil was added to "ordinary detergent" and "OILnax" at 1:1 ratio and stirred, then photographed in time series.
Right after test Comparison between "ordinary detergent" and "OILnax"

Dispersion is evident right after mixing by oil turning into "milky orange colour". "Water dispersion power"


20 hours after Comparison between "ordinary detergent" and "OILnax"

20 hours after mixing, the oil (dark orange part) returned to the original state. Hence, oil has not been broken down. Separated state.

It is clear to see water dispersion of oil and fat in the "milky orange section"!! (OILnax)

What makes OILnax different?

Microorganisms break down the oil stains, making it easier to process!

Unlike the usual approach to cleaning where "oil stain is separated", OILnax is a liquid cleaner that "breaks down oil stains". When oil is finely broken down, it becomes food to microorganisms and disappears within a short time. That's why the items become refreshingly clean. Separation and break down of oil

Gentle to the planet?

Finely broken down oil does not get stuck in the drains and drain pipes; hence, there is no build up of dirt!

When oil is broken down well, it becomes easy for microorganisms to consume and it does not adhere to the drain pipes. When using ordinary detergent, molecules of the peeled off oil re-unite to form large particles and tend to adhere to the drains and drain pipes, causing bad smells. Application of OILnax has produced great result in work places where oil can be a severe problem. These include application in restaurants, linen supplies, aromatherapy salons and marine and land pollution.

Feedback from professionals that use OILnax

  • Piscaria Pty Limited

    (Sicilian Italian Restaurant in Hayama, Kanagawa) * Click here for the details of the restaurant

  • Grace Inc.

    (Operates restaurants including "Butagumi Shabuan (Roppongi)", "Tonkatsu Nishiazabu Butagumi", "Butagumi Dining Hall") * Click here for the details of the restaurant

  • Aromatherapy business facility

    (Aromatherapy business facility that uses OILnax to wash towels)

  • Linen supply service

    (Cleaning service that deals with a lot of linen)

nax Series is equipped with care for the environment and sterilisation power

nax Series can be used in various situations at home.
You can select a product most suited for the application.

  • For "removing dirt, sterilising and deodourising"
  • For "deodourising drain openings"
  • For "everything around the kitchen"
  • For "improving the dishwasher condition"

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