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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between AQUAnax and OILnax?
AQUAnax is decontaminating liquid made up of water as its main component. While "AQUAnax detaches oil stains", "OILnax processes oil stains by finely breaking them down".
Are there any cautions in handling AQUAnax?
"Cautions" are similar to any commercial detergent (for example, not to drink the liquid). While the main component of AQUAnax is water, the quality of the liquid is highly alkaline and irritation can occur when coming into contact with membranes (in the eye and throat by inhaling). Please pay special attention to this point and use the product with caution.
How shall I store AQUAnax?
Store AQUAnax in room temperature. Avoid high temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight.
How long does AQUAnax keep?
AQUAnax keeps for about 12 months. There will be some deterioration of the liquid after opening, so please use it up without delay.
What items should I avoid cleaning with AQUAnax?
Basically, anything that cannot be wiped with wet cloth is to be avoided (for example, lacquer ware, leather goods, copper ware, aluminium goods, silk goods, varnished furniture and conductive part of electrical goods), in particular, household goods and flooring that have been finished with special coating (for example, protective coating on the PC monitor screen and liquid crystal TV screen, clear coating on glasses and oil-based wax coating on exterior panel of vehicles). Apart from the above, please avoid use on metal goods (copper, alminium and brass) as they may become corroded.
What are the components of AQUAnax?
AQUAnax is made up of 99% water.
Can AQUAnax remove mold?
Unfortunately, mold cannot be removed by AQUAnax.
Can the colour fade if items (such as parts of gas cook top and ventilation fan) are soaked for a long time in AQUAnax?
Colours will not fade when resin or metal parts are soaked and washed (cook top, ventilation fan, etc). An exception is when the material has special coating. We recommend testing AQUAnax on a small area first.
Is "spraying" AQUAnax better or "soaking" in AQUAnax better?
If the oil stain is light or small amount, it should be removed after applying 2-3 sprays of AQUAnax or by spraying the amount that can lift the oil stain. With stubborn oil stains that cannot be removed by spraying, we recommend soaking the item in AQUAnax diluted 5-10 times depending on the amount of oil stain.
Why does AQUAnax feel slimy to touch?
There is no danger with AQUAnax as the main component is water. Just as AQUAnax removes oil stains, it removes oiliness (protein) from the skin and turns it into a soapy-like substance. Some people sense dryness in the skin after washing hands.
Extra wiping is not required when using AQUAnax. Does this mean that there is no stickiness after use?
There is no stickiness if it is a simple oil stain. If the oil and fat or oil stain has been there for a long time, there may be dirt and dust. We recommend covering the oil stain by paper or cloth soaked in AQUAnax.
What is the difference between AQUAnax and alkaline ionised water?
"Alkaline ionised water" is at about pH 7.5 and suitable for drinking. (*Warning: AQUAnax is not for drinking. It is high alkaline water at pH 12.5-13 and suited for sterilising and cleaning).
Why does spraying AQUAnax sometimes cause coughing?
The particles of AQUAnax is finer than water molecules. It can easily be inhaled when you are close to the spray nozzle or when you spray towards your body; so, spray towards the object from a distance. If concerned, wearing a mask may assist.
After spraying AQUAnax, there was a whitish substance. What is it?
Under a certain condition, "potassium carbonate" used during alkalising (during the manufacturing process) AQUAnax may remain.
What is the difference between AQUAnax and baking soda?
"Baking soda" is sodium bicarbonate. When used in cleaning agents, pH level becomes about pH 12. Its high alkalinity and carbonic acid (foam) can remove dirt; however, it is difficult to store as carbonic acid (foam) starts to diminish over time.
My pet licked AQUAnax. Is it OK?
AQUAnax is very bitter, so usually your pet will not lick a large amount. As the component of AQUAnax is water, there is no problem; however, please consult the vet if concerned.
Why do my hands turn dry after using AQUAnax?
As AQUAnax is water, the dryness is not caused by any unsafe substance. Just as AQUAnax removes oil stains, it removes oil (protein) from your hands. After washing hands, some people may feel dryness, especially in winter time or if you have dry skin. If concerned, we recommend wearing rubber gloves.
Can I use AQUAnax to clean the floor?
There is no problem if the flooring can be cleaned with water. Exception is when the flooring material has special coating. We recommend testing AQUAnax on a small area first.
As it is water, would using AQUAnax on metal parts cause rust?
There is no problem applying AQUAnax on metal (iron, etc) used in general household goods if you are simply wiping off a bit of dirt. Please avoid use on metal goods (copper, alminium and brass) as they may become corroded.
What is the difference between AQUAnax and ordinary decontamination liquid?
The difference is the fact that the component of AQUAnax is mostly water. As there is no chemical components, it is decontaminating liquid that is gentle to the environment.

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