Friendly to you and the earth AQUAnax

First time users, see it for yourself "Nax Series Trial Kit"

Usage Examples:
Deodorising • Sterilisation • Removes dirt

  • AQUAnax in the Kitchen

  • AQUAnax in the Living Room

  • AQUAnax in the Bathroom

  • AQUAnax with Aromatherapy

  • AQUAnax with Pets

  • AQUAnax with Vegetables

"nax Trial Kit" was selected as the "Quality Goods Discovery Unit Selected Goods" by the major housing manufacturers!

provides strong sterilisation around children and pets!

As it's "water", extra wiping isn't necessary. Gentle to your children's and pet's toys & accessories! Combats viruses with strong sterilisation! Highest pH levels for electrolysed water in the industry

Useful pH Knowledge

Amazing Features of AQUAnax

Sterilising・Deordourising・Tough on pipe build-up! Gentle to the planet

  • For "removing dirt, sterilising and deodourising"
  • For "deodourising drain openings"
  • For "everything around the kitchen"
  • For "improving the dishwasher condition"